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Holly's anime review: 'GaoGaiGar'



“GaoGaiGar” is a mecha series based on Takara’s “Braves” toy line. Mamoru was an ordinary boy until he and his classmate were attacked by the Zonders, robotic aliens who want to assimilate Earth. He is rescued by the UN Defense Force 3G and its strongest hero, Gai Shishio, the cybernetic GaoGaiGar. As they battle the Zonders, Mamoru discovers his true nature and the origins of the Zonders. Can 3G save the Earth?

While it’s not the most original mecha series, it’s well done with a lot of energy and heart. It’s great to see that 3G makes sure that there’s no property damage or civilian causalities. Something that a lot of normal mecha shows don’t address. The 3G robots are cool, with Mic Sounders being the coolest. The writers really shouldn’t have used the conflict ball with Soldato J, though. This is a great show for Honolulu mecha fans to enjoy.

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