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Holly's anime review: 'Five Numbers'

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“Five Numbers” is a sci-fi OAV. There is an isolated prison floating in space. One day, it suffers a black out, causing the prisoners and a black cat to wake up from a drug induced sleep. They find out that there are no guards, windows or exits. They’ve all been sent there for crimes they committed while they were on Earth, but could there be a more sinister reason for their imprisonment? And how come there’s a black cat aboard? Things come to a climax as they find out that there’s only one escape pod. Who will make it back to Earth and what is the secret of the prison?

This is a decent movie with good animation. The plot’s good, but it would have made more sense for it to be a feature length in order to flesh out the story and the characters; not to mention building up the suspense. The idea about the cat being the vector for a dangerous virus is a great idea. But it would have been much more interesting if the rest of the characters were vectors as well and the space station that they’re trapped in is actually a containment unit rather than a prison. This would explain why there aren’t any guards or even a larger prisoner population. The ending is nicely eerie, although one of the background characters should at least have started showing symptoms of the virus, even if the poor soul thinks it’s something minor like a cold or the flu. Honolulu sci-fi anime fans can watch “Five Numbers” on a rainy day.

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