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Holly's anime review: 'Elf Princess Rane'



“Elf Princess Rane” is a fantasy OAV. Go Takarada is a would be treasure hunter who is trying to find the Legendary Treasure of Salamander. He meets up with a fairy named Ren on his quest, who is looking for the Four Treasures of Heart. Things get a lot more complicated when another fairy named Rin shows up looking for her. Can they find the treasures and deal with the crazy stuff going on around them?

It’s a shame that the OAV series is unfinished. It would have been a laugh riot to find out what the Four Treasures of Heart are or that Rin’s grudge against Ren is based on a really stupid, silly reason. Still, it’s pretty funny and the dub has some really cool pop culture references. There is a preview for a third episode that may irritate some viewers, but the creators do make fun of themselves for it. Honolulu comedy anime fans should give this one a look.

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