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Holly's anime review: 'Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of The Dragon'

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“Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon” is the thirteenth movie in the “Dragon Ball Z” series. Gohan and Videl rescue an old man who is about to commit suicide. He says that his name is Hoi and needs somebody to release an ancient hero by breaking a music box. However, Hoi is actually a villain who knows that freeing the hero Taipon will also free the monster Hirudegarn. Can the Z fighters save the day?

The action is pretty good and Hirudegarn has an interesting origin story. The real heart of the story is the relationship between Taipon and Trunks. It’s very sweet and may remind some viewers about Piccolo and Gohan’s relationship. Although Taipon is more of a grouchy hero rather than a reformed villain. It’s a shame that the screen writers didn’t try to make the movie more emotionally warm. Honolulu “Dragon Ball Z” fans will like this film.

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