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Holly's anime review: 'Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn'

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“Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn” is the twelfth movie in the “Dragon Ball Z” series. At the checkpoint for souls, a young demon goofs off, causing the machine that destroys negative karma to explode. The resulting energy transforms the demon into a bizarre creature called Janemba. Janemba breaks down the barriers between the living and the dead worlds. Goku and Vegeta have to fuse in order to defeat the monster. Can they win?

This is a pretty good film that blends wacky humor and cool action scenes together perfectly. It is curious that we don’t see any of Goku’s dead foes have a plausible change of heart when they escape from Hell. Still, seeing Trunks and Goten beat up an expy of Hitler is awesome. The animation is surprisingly colorful and vivid thanks in part to Janemba’s reality warping powers. Honolulu “Dragon Ball Z” fans will find this to be a great film.

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