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Holly's anime review: 'Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods'

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“Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods” is the fourteenth movie in the “Dragon Ball Z” series. It’s Bulma’s birthday and Goku has to finish his training before he goes to Earth. Suddenly, a catlike being named Beers, the God of Destruction, challenges Goku to a fight. He happily agrees, but gets defeated by Beers. He decides to head for Earth to search for more powerful opponents. Can Goku defeat a God? And what is the legendary ‘Super Saiyan God’ form?

It’s great to see the old gang again, although it’s a bummer that they don’t find out that Pilaf and his henchmen invaded the party, it would have been funny. Actually hearing Piccolo’s bad singing would’ve also been a hoot. The animation is great and the plot is pretty good. The Super Saiyan God legend should have been explored more as the idea of a Saiyan rebelling against their corrupt culture is a great idea. Honolulu “Dragon Ball Z” fans will like this film.

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