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Holly's anime review: 'Diabolik Lovers'

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“Diabolik Lovers” is a horror anime based on the visual novel by Rejet. Yui is a girl who can see ghosts. Her father convinces her to move in with an old acquaintance of his because he has to move due to his new job. Yui finds out that the house’s residents are six young men who just happen to be vampires. To make things worse, there’s a secret in Yui’s body that makes her blood a delicious treat to them. Will she survive?

Besides the fact that it should have been a 26 episode series, it also fails as a dark, edgy romance because most of the vampires act like abusive jerks to Yui. The only ones who show any kindness to her are Shu and Subaru. The anime fails to give the decent vampires the chance to develop a decent, healthy romance with Yui. It’s a shame because the anime does atmospheric horror well and the vampires’ dark past have a great gothic feel. Honolulu vampire fans should decide for themselves if they want to watch it or not.

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