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Holly's anime review: 'Dark Cat'

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“Dark Cat” is a supernatural OAV. Hyoi and Ryoi are supernatural investigatiors who can disguise themselves either as humans or domesticated cats, in order to fight evil. Their master, Jukokubo, is planning to unleash a horrific entity at the high school that they’re investigating a rash of mysterious disappearances at. He’s using the darkness in the students’ hearts in order to awaken the creature. Can they stop his evil plan in time?

This dub took place in the early days when English dubbing was of a lower quality than it is today. So the voices sound way too stiff and fake. It’s a shame, as the story isn’t too bad. It would have been nice to know why Hyoi and Ryoi rebelled against their master. Was Jukokubo training them to carry on his wicked legacy or did he succumb to hatred after battling evil for so long? Honolulu fantasy fans will find this to be a decent popcorn flick.

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