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Holly's anime review: 'Cybernetics Guardian'



“Cybernetics Guardian” is a sci-fi anime. John Stalker is a pilot for the Central Guard Company. The company is trying to find a solution to the crime wave that’s plaguing the city. But John gets injured during the test run and gets kidnapped by an evil cult. They plan to resurrect the God of Darkness, using John as a conduit. To make matters worse, a romantic rival named Alder wants to get rid of him. Will John survive the carnage?

The idea behind the movie is pretty cool, especially the fact that John’s girlfriend, Leyla, goes to rescues her boyfriend from the crazy cult. The main problem is that the story should have been a feature length film so that the plot would’ve been fleshed out. As it is, the story can be a little disjointed at times. The animation is pretty good. This is a decent popcorn flick for Honolulu mecha anime fans.

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