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Holly's anime review: 'Crystal Triangle'

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“Crystal Triangle” is a supernatural adventure OAV. Koichiro Kamishiro is an archaeologist who finds the Crystal Triangle. This item contains a message from God, which will decide the fate of the world, depending on who wields it. He has to deal with a flirty female CIA agent, a renegade Russian archaeologist who is the direct descendent of Rasputin and a tribe of Demons who wish to take back the Earth. Also, who is the mysterious girl named Himeko?

This is an enjoyable popcorn action OAV, although the supernatural elements should have been introduced earlier in the film. The Demon Tribe’s appearance feels a bit abrupt. It’s also surprising that we don’t see any of the other members of the tribe deciding that they like things as they are and rebel. Koichiro has better chemistry with the CIA agent than with Himeko. Honolulu anime fans will find this to be a fun action flick.

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