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Holly's anime review: 'Big Wars'

Anime Film


“Big Wars” is a sci-fi anime film. In the future, mankind has colonized Mars, but they must deal with an alien race called the Gods. They have advance technology and can infiltrate human minds in order to bring them under their control. Captain Akuh is charged with destroying the Gods’ space carrier, ‘Hell’, but it’s concealed. Can Captain Akuh carry out his mission and defeat the Gods?

The animation is lovely and there’s a wonderful sense of paranoia that anybody could succumb to the Gods’ brainwashing; not knowing what’s happening to them until it’s too late. The antagonists are pretty much your typical generic mysterious force, which makes them pretty boring as characters. It might have been more interesting if the writer gave them a definite original, such as they used to be an ordinary humanoid race until they became crazed with power. It’s a decent popcorn flick for Honolulu sci-fi fans.

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