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Holly's anime review: 'Battle Skipper'



“Battle Skipper” is a mecha series based on the Tomy toyline. St Ignacio’s School for Girls has two clubs: the Debutante Club and the Etiquette Club. But the leader of the Debutante Club, Sayaka, has a dark secret: she wants to take over the world and install a matriarchy. And she’s willing to steal the Aies A.I. from the Etiquette Club. It’s up to the members of the Etiquette Club to stop Sayaka’s plans for world domination. Will they win?

This should have become a twelve episode TV series, especially since one of the Battle Skippers gains sentence and develops a wonderfully quirky personality. How they manage to save the day is quite amusing, with Sayaka’s parents putting a stop to her shenanigans. It would have been pretty funny to see her try to still take over the world without her parents’ knowledge. Honolulu mecha fans may like “Battle Skipper”.

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