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Holistic Chinese Food

Healthy family food and values
Healthy family food and values
Tyler Woods

Golden House Healthy Restaurant


A new restaurant has opened and Ming Doe is excited to be opening her doors In Tucson Arizona where there are many Chinese restaurants. The typical menu at many Chinese places includes fried greasy foods that are pack with sugar. Fear not because the Golden House restaurant creates holistic Chinese food for its patrons.

The Golden House at 9431 E 22nd St # 127, is under new management and is taking a holistic approach to serving healthy Chinese food. Ming and her husband Kenneth have a wonderful reason to make sure the food you eat is healthy. "My father had a stroke." She shakes her head and her eyes water. "It was a bad stroke." What made matters worse was that he had not been in the U.S.A. for five years therefore he was unable to qualify for basic medical help.

Ming knew in her heart he needed to go back to China to get medical care and had to save money. All she could do was to make sure he ate very healthy. She believes that as human beings we are what we eat. With that knowledge, she fed her father healthy food and made him well enough to get back to China.
Meanwhile back in Tucson, she and her husband Kenneth began to dream of creating a restaurant that would serve healthy food. She knew cooking had to be very different from traditional Chinese food. "We cook with less oil, sugar, sodium to ensure your cholesterol levels are healthy." Ming said. "I learned that what we eat determines our health."

Her husband, who has 25 years of cooking experience, and Ming who has 16 years of experience decided to take a chance and open a healthy holistic restaurant that catered not just to those who loved tradition Chinese, but to the vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free population. The family ensures that people in Tucson get clean and balanced foods at their place and go above and beyond to make sure their food is served up healthy with a side of grace and kindness.

Ming said she loves to be in the front and talk with her customers. She enjoys sharing about food, her husband's talent as an artist and family values. "Eating healthy and eating out should be about keeping family together," she says. "But not all people in the family eat the same way." Her goal is to go out of her way to make sure people have the nutrients they need when they eat out.

A holistic way to eat out is very important because it can bring family together. She has learned not everyone eats the same way and the goal of this family is to recognize that and make sure the food is good whether you eat traditionally, vegetarian, vegan or gluten free. Ming is filled with grace, compassion, and the elegance in her personality shows with how she serves the food that her husband prepares. "I will not serve in plastic it's poison!"

If you live in the Tucson Arizona area, and believe in a healthy holistic way to eat, stop by and mention this article and she will give you one free order of vegetarian egg-rolls. The goal of this wonderful Tucson eatery is to show Tucson that The Golden House restaurant wants nothing more than to create holistic Chinese food.