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Holiday Gift Idea: The Adventures of Bella & Harry Children’s Book Series

The Adventures of Bella & Harry Book Lets' Visit Paris!
The Adventures of Bella & Harry Book Lets' Visit Paris!
courtesy of The Gap Group

The Adventures of Bella & Harry Book Series


It’s hard to find the right balance of education, interest and entertainment for my five-year-old daughter and eight-year-old son but this book series: The Adventures of Bella & Harry is able to accomplish this almost-impossible feat.

The series by Author Lisa Manzione and Illustrator Kristine Lucco invites kids to join pampered pooches Bella and Harry on whirlwind trips throughout the world. This time, we decided to accompany them to Cairo, Paris and Venice.

We started our journey with these jetset Chihuahuas to Cairo in the book aptly named, Let’s Visit Cairo!. The story is cute enough to engage a younger child and open dialogue for older siblings through facts that are woven into the story line such as the height of a camel, the process of mummification, and even a Hieroglyphic Alphabet. Over the next week, my eight-year-old son learned how to write his name in Hieroglyphics. Cool, right?

Even though we visited Cairo first, Let’s Visit Paris! introduces Bella & Harry and takes readers to The City of Lights to see the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Mona Lisa at the Louve.

The last stamp in our passport was Let’s Visit Venice! where my kids learned that the Rialto Bridge is over four-hundred-years-old and is only 7 feet wide.

If I had to guess, I’d say that Bella & Harry are from the same litter as SkippyjonJones. However, what separates this series from others (no offense Skippy) is that it piques the interest of kids to want to learn more about other countries, culture and history on their own.

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