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Hip new restaurant 1826

Dinner at 1826
Dinner at 1826
Holly, Rafi and Cheryl

1826 Food and Lounge


Leading up to our dinner/girls night out at the new restaurant 1826 and Lounge we had some pretty exciting chatter that this was the new “it” spot.

Entering the 3 story all glass building with its sleek modern design with a little twist of retro thrown in. I loved our circular seats with soft brown leather and the all-around décor was very charming.

Our server Fabiano after handing us the menu let us know that all of the selections were small plates meant to share and came in three categories (the harvest, the hook and the hunt) and that his preferred suggestion would be that we each order three. The prices though did not scream small plates ranging from $18 up to $42. A small plate for $42 seemed a bit too South Beach for me.

We started the evening with their signature Gin and Juice and Kir Royals! The drinks were delicious. The bread is cooked per table with two different choices; we chose bacon bread which came out hot and with two separate spreads. Very different but everyone loved it.

The food came out at a good speed plate by plate. The avocado and heart of palm salad had a beautiful citrus dressing and was a stunning starter. The leak croquets with black truffle bits was another winner. The short rib dish was a piece of art and was melt in your mouth good.

The king crab we ordered poached with green garlic, corn and scallop dumplings ended up not showing because the chef wasn’t happy with the taste of the crab so we substituted with the Lobster with leak and tomato preserve. The lobster was sous-vide (is a method of cooking food sealed in airtight plastic bags in a water bath for longer than normal cooking times), ours came out raw inside. It was sent back but again came out exactly the same way, so we just didn’t eat it. My question how do you ruin lobster? Twice!

Another miss was the Escolar, a white fish a bit like tuna, with a watercress and garlic sauce was so bland and odd that it completely left us baffled and not wanting another bite. I think in hindsight I should have ordered the Foie Gras Pave and the yummy sounding bone marrow dish.

The thing about 1826 is I think it’s good but it could be a bit more consistent. I will say everything is beautifully made and the chef had some very thoughtful ideas. They also offer black truffle shavings to add to any dish for an extra $35 and they absolutely do not use truffle oil which is a very good thing to hear for a foodie like me.

The evening with the girls was full of belly laughs and juicy Hitching Post Pinot Noir and an altogether great evening. Sometimes it doesn’t always have to be all about the food!