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Hip-hop tv reviews: Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out season six episode 2

'Nick Cannon Present: Wild N' Out,' Season 6 Episode 2


"It's getting hot in herre!" Any fans of Hip-Hop are sure to know that lyric and who is responsible for it and the unique spelling. On Wednesday, July 10, episode 2 of the six season of the MTV2 Hip-Hop comedy hybrid, 'Nick Cannon Presents: Wild N' Out' aired and the special guest was Hip-Hop superstar Nelly.

It was another funny episode that featured a lot of manic energy. The two teams, the Nelly led black team and the Nick Cannon led platinum team, duked it out for the prestigious comedy championship belt. The four games improv games they played where 'Plead the Fifth,' 'Remix,' 'Who's on the Pole,' and 'Wildstyle.'

The first game featured the two team captains on a stand, similar to being on trial, while a member from the opposing team tried to come up with a funny, semi-insulting line, that would make the captain plead the fifth. One of the funnier attempts was when a member of the platinum squad had a white card that he claimed was "Nelly's street cred." He then proceeded to ask Nelly "when he had lost it." He continued by asking ,"was it when you did a song with NSYNC? Or was it when you did a song with the Honey Nut Cheerios Bee?"

The second game played was 'Remix,' where each team remixed a famous children's song in a humorous manner. The platinum team remixed 'Hickory Dickory Dock,' while the black team remixed 'The ABCs.' This was the least funny game played, but the audience seemed to enjoy it. It is one of those games that seems to play better with a live audience as opposed to a camera, something that improv tends to do. Improv is a live audience tailored art form, so it makes sense that this would be a weak link to a television audience.

The third game played was 'Who's on the Pole.' A game where audience members come on stage and do what they want to a stripper pole, while the two teams come up with the funniest punchlines. This was a very humorous game in which the punchlines were quite hilarious. The forth game played is the show's staple, the 'Wildstyle.' This is a comedy freestyle battle rap where each punchline is rewarded a point. It was a very good back and forth battle that was quite enteratining.

This was a great episode becuase Nelly seemed quite game for the proceedings, something that not all guest hosts seem to be. Something that is familiar to fans of 'SNL.' Nelly closed the show with one of his classic tracks, 'E.I.'

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