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Hip-hop tv reviews: Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out season six episode 1

Nick Cannon with his headphones on
Photo by Larry Marano

Wild 'N Out. Season 6: Episode 1


On Wednesday, July 2, 2014, season six of the hit Hip-Hop improv comedy show, 'Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out,' premiered on MTV2. For the unfamiliar, 'Wild 'N Out' is a half hour show that blends improv comedy with Hip-Hop. There are many aspects of the skits that have Hip-Hop elements including the finale of every episode which is a game called the 'Wild Style.' This is where each team has a member rock the mic and try to deliver the funniest punchline about a member of the other team, in the style of a rap battle. The ends with a performance by a Hip-Hop artist. Also, the special guest of the week, who is always the team captain of the opposite team that Nick Cannon is on, is usually a Hip-Hop artist or comedian, though athletes and actors have also appeared.

This week's special guest host was Rick Ross and he brought a lot of his Maybach Music Group. He captained the Black Squad, while Nick Cannon captained the Platinum Squad, as they fought it out for the comedy championship belt. It was a fun episode, as the show usually is, but when the captain of one team is not a naturally funny personality, it shows on screen. Rick Ross was admirably, but as per usual when a non-comedian is the host, he kept quiet for the majority of the show. I'm guessing most host don't want to look too terrible up there, a fear that seems to be well founded. The sheer number of people in his crew was a quite impressive sight to see.

The teams played a total of four games. The first game the two teams played was 'So Fly.' A game where the premise is a team will say something that makes their captain seem really cool. The team with Nick Cannon will say..."Nick Cannon is so fly," and the audience will say "how fly is he?" Then the punchline will follow. This is a game that is a bit of a softball for the guest hosts, so the responses are usually a bit subdued, as was the case this time around.

The second game played was 'Let Me Holla.' A game where was of the gorgeous Wild 'N Out girls approaches the stage and the teams try to spit humorous pickup lines. This was a highlight of the show, as it normally is. The third game played was 'Who's on the pole?' This game features an audience member walking the stage where there is a strip pole. Each team takes turns trying to say the funniest thing possible in relation to the audience member. Obviously this game plays better to the audience as the punchlines are never too offensive and rightfully so. However, being nice in comedy, isn't always the funniest route to travel. This was the case in this episode as well. This was the least funny segment of the show, but it was still fun.

The end of the show saw the standout game of the show and the series in general, 'Wild Style' and the show ended with an abbreviated performance by the Maybach Music Group. All in all, a fun show that is worth checking out. If you would like to do so, click the link below.