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'Hills Have Eyes 2' Movie Review: Gore and Laugh Galore

Fox Atomic
Fox Atomic
Hills Have Eyes 2

HIlls Have Eyes 2


3.0 out of 5 stars

"Hills Have Eyes 2" lurks around its gory urgings and icky content to keep up with its narrative. It becomes effective in providing some gore for the willing audience, but it’s not the usual horror creep where people can really freak out with its scary moments. More often than not, its gore makes people laugh with how things are on screen. It actually becomes a horror-comedy featuring quick deaths, funny murderous acts, comically yucky monsters, and internal human body parts out in the open. Nevertheless, with the mood, atmosphere, tone, and intensity of the movie, the apparent screaming from the acts of the desert-dwelling mutants against unsuspecting visitors still creates some grotesque and vicious moments to keep up with the genre.

From a group of National Guard trainees finding themselves battling against monstrous beings in a post-nuclear testing site, the military victims get picked one by one in a series of grotesque murders. The considerably unusual level of nastiness of the storyline is mainly spruced up with gruesome scenes of birth, rape, fall, death, and other freakish suffering. The victims see things like a man crawling out of a portalet’s bowl covered in feces. Now, for such gore-hound viewers who enjoy this kind of scenes, "Hills Have Eyes 2" can be one good sort of thing.

With a story revolving around a pack of monstrous mutants who wreak murderous havoc in the post-nuclear hills site, Director Martin Weisz gets to maintain some tension and "what-could-be-next questions" from the audience. As compared to 2006’s "Hills Have Eyes," this is a little more violent, but lacking the compelling characters to keep people really engaged.

The military characters don’t even look "military enough" and they seem more like friends going up on a trek than doing a military search and rescue mission. Also, on a personal note, what happens in the movie is just way too predictable as I have easily figured out early on who are the ones who would probably stay alive until the last part of the movie. With the very cliché-driven characterization, dialogue, and plotpoints, it is not difficult to figure out such things really.

This sequel to the "Hills Have Eyes" franchise bears no relation to the older sequel shown about two decades ago. Father and son writers Wes and Jonathan Craven made this version stand on its own. This movie is quite grisly and brutal and cheesy at the same time. It could probably be much better if the producers took enough time to create this sequel instead of hastily coming up with the sequel merely one year after last year’s initial movie offering. It really seems too rushed and a little low in budget the way the set design and art direction shows it, especially the scenes in the mines and tunnels where the mutants dwell.

Overall, "Hills Have Eyes 2" is no better nor worse than most films of its kind. It has some reasonably effective gore, and for people who like getting some macabre moments and gore-filled times, "Hills Have Eyes 2" can be a passable time killer.

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