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Hilfiger Man, cologne that makes it OK for men to smell like pineapples

Hilfiger Man cologne display in Kohl's
(Shamontiel L. Vaughn)

Hilfiger Man


Two of the ingredients in Hilfiger Man cologne sound more like a perfume than a man's fragrance: pineapple mandarin and lavender. However, in the case of this Tommy Hilfiger cologne, those two notes make the fragrance that much better.

The entire set of notes include top notes of ginger, pineapple mandarin and artemisia. The middle notes are geranium, lavender and cypress. And the base notes are sandalwood and amber.

This is one of few fragrances that starts off smelling great and just gets better the longer it's on, especially when it hits open air. There is a very light tinge of a sweeter smell -- not quite fruity or flowery but reminiscent of a "nature" scent -- from the initial top notes. After awhile the fragrance takes on the common woodsy characteristics of men's cologne, but the top notes still hang around.

Hilfiger Man would be an excellent choice of "sweet" and "hard" for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day.

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