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Hiking the blue trail at Penwood State Park in Bloomfield CT

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Penwood State Park


Life has been getting you down, feeling like you need to get away from it all, but that vacation time is all gone. Well then take a hike on this trail to the cliff overlook at Penwood State Park, in Bloomfield CT.

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If you’re a seasoned hiker, you don’t have to fight the crowded trails and little kids like at other parks. You can take the short cut up the back of the mountain from Wintonbury Road. This trail is steep at the beginning so keep a steady slow pace, as you go up it may seem endless but don’t worry it’s only just over a mile to the first lookout. You can also quickly return as you head downhill from here.

It takes a seasoned hiker to climb the first section of the ascent and then to be able to cross the next two hilltops by following the blue trail which is part of the Metacomet trail next to Wilcox Park. Want the easy way go in through the park entrance and follow the trail maps, to the first more populated overlook, the yellow trail is a gradual well-travelled trail system as is the orange trail which runs directly below the cliffs and meets up just below the overlook with the blue trail.

This Examiner goes a little deeper and crosses two back peaks on the blue trail to get you a descent workout as well. Nothing clears the mind and refuels the body like an ascent up a mountain. Once you get to the top, of this mountain you will feel the effects of that 45 minute ascent long before you reach the first overlook. You can follow the blue tree-lined mountain trail through a marsh area to the next overlook on the yellow trail.

This Examiner suggest you split this hike into a few trips as there is much to visit and too many trails to explore in just a few hours. Best to be off the mountain before darkness descends, as the trails are filled with roots along the well-worn areas and extremely sharp rocks along the steeper areas.

When you get there take a slow careful walk along the top of the overlook; of course you will see Hueblein Tower in the Talcott Mountain State Park, from here as well as the private fire tower off on the distant ridgeline at opposite side of the valley. Which this Examiner discovered can be seen from the opposite side of the Connecticut valley.

If you look way out to the left you can see the impressive lineup of mountains and even more places to explore.