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High Value, comfortable bluetooth headphones

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MPOW Stereo Headband Bluetooth Headset


I don't particularly like sticking ear pieces in my ear if I can help it. The MPOW headphones feature soft oversized foam pads that fit well over both ears, and the headset only weighs 4 oz. I did have a few issues with the headset slipping off my head once in a while. Sound quality is excellent and the headphones paired easily with my iPhone 5C. I also paired them with my iPad Mini, and they work well with streaming music from my SirriusXM account and iTunes Radio.

I like the soft-feel plastic they are made out of and they fold into a pretty compact package. Range seemed up to the 30 feet claimed. They don't come with a charger, although a USB cord w/mini-plug is included. I was able to charge them with my iPhone charger with no issues. Available through Amazon for under $40. It's also a pleasure to use the built-in microphone for phone calls.