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High School "Geography Club" Is Refreshing Tale of Acceptance and Coming Out

Gay teen movie has its merit.
Gay teen movie has its merit.

DVD Release


New release Tuesday will take us back to school and the release of "Geography Club."

Normally wouldn't devote a whole article on one DVD, but the heart and meaning behind the movie make it reason to bring the film into the spotlight.

While "Geography Club" had a nice but small run at theatres in November and has been available on iTunes and On Demand already, the DVD seems to be sneaking into your favorite outlets with little fanfare.

The story, based on the novel by Brent Hartinger, is a group of high school closeted kids who start a "geography club" as a cover for their secret meetings about being gay. It mixes well its agenda of comedy and drama and serves up a perfect introduction for young high schoolers struggling with coming out themselves.

Not only would the movie make teens not feel so alone in dealing with their homosexuality, but it also is a trip down memory lane to those of us who had no club to join and had to live through high school feeling they are all alone. That would be me.

The movie adds enough star power so the material can easily soar above the level of after school special. The ensemble cast of high schoolers includes some young talent that has making names for themselves, including the wonderful Alex Newell who plays the transgender character on "Glee" and Nikki Blonsky who was amazing in the remake of "Hairspray." They work along side an uniformly appealing cast.

The adult actors in the movie are also noteworthy including Scott Bakula and Ana Gasteyer.

Will the movie making the list of 100 best movies of all time? Probably not. But if I needed to show a gay teen a movie to show "we are not alone." this likely might be a wonderful choice.

"Geography Club" comes out on DVD tomorrow. To purchase and get more info, go to