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High performance in the bedroom: Sheex

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A good night’s sleep can make all the difference in the world. Though the requisite factors to achieve slumber satisfaction can vary from person to person, one thing is a constant, and that is comfort. One easy way to achieve maximum comfort is to find the right set of sheets for that 12 inch deep, pillow-top, foam/gel/innerspring, hypoallergenic, center-of-the-sleeping-universe thing you call your mattress. In that regard, the queen of comfort for that king-sized bed of yours comes in the form of Sheex Performance Bedding.

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Sheex sheets are not your average bedding, in fact, they are way above average. Instead of being fixated on massive thread counts or whether the sheets are made from American Pima, Egyptian Giza, Indian Suvin, Chinese Xinjiang, Sudanese Barakat, or Russian Tonkovoloknistyi cotton, Sheex embraced the same technology used by high-performance, athletic clothing manufacturers and applied it to the realm of sleep comfort. Basketball superstars and cofounders of Sheex, Michelle Marciniak and Susan Walvius, are no strangers to the moisture-wicking and quick-dry benefits of synthetic performance fabrics, and when Susan mentioned to Michelle that she "loved the drape and the feel of the fabric against her skin" and then commented "I would love to have bed sheets made out of this stuff." Michelle quickly replied “let’s do it.” The fortuitous convergence of an offhand comment and the kind of limitless ambition it takes to be a world-class athlete was all it took to found the first performance bedding company in the world with globally patented technology.

Everything about these sheets, which are a blend of 87% polyester and 13% Spandex, is lovely. The material is about as soft and inviting as anything could be, and it always has a cool, neutral feel to it. Slipping between these sheets, is always a sumptuous, almost seductive, experience, and they make it easy for me to achieve my goal of sleeping seven hours and fifteen minutes every night. Being able to stay cool, dry, and comfortable all night long is easy thanks to the fact that the material they are made out of breathes and transfers heat two times better than cotton. This means no more pillow flipping or trying to find the cool spot during the next heat wave.

For more information about Sheex Performance Bedding, click here. To follow along on social media, click through to the Sheex Facebook or Twitter page.

**Full disclosure: This performance bedding was provided at no cost for editorial consideration, to think otherwise would be silly.