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High Heels in High Places

Fly Chix Boutique Dinner
photo courtesy of Chenelle Loggins

Fly Chix High Heels in High Places Dinner Party


Last night I had the pleasure to attend a private dinner party celebrating "High Heels in High Places," at Fly Chix Boutique in Atlanta. This event was dedicated to bringing young, entrepreneurial women together to connect and network. Mission accomplished!

I have to commend owners Ebonie Ward and Tyrina Le for putting this event together because it was fabulous. I walked away feeling inspired and positive about business and life in general. This was a great pick me up that all women need from each other from time to time.

The food was delicious, the atmosphere was wonderful and the conversation was powerful. I met some amazing women that I can't wait to connect and do business with. We need more events like this that celebrate and uplift women in business.

If you are a fly chick, you must visit their boutique, located at 572 Edgewood Ave, Atlanta. It officially opens on March 22, 2014. Visit for more information.