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Hiding facial scars and lines with Dermaflage

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Scars on your face can be hard to cover with makeup and plastic surgery can be risky and expensive. Enter Dermaflage, a topical perfecting filler that can be used to cover scars, lines and pock marks in just a few minutes. Created by a Hollywood special effects artist, Dermaflage can be used for a special event or everyday use.

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I tried it on my face and on a model. First of all, you need to PRACTICE using it. Don't expect to pull it out on prom night and get a perfect application on the first try. It took me a few tries to get the hang of the consistency and drying time. It comes with special application tips and different size spatulas for a personalized fit.

First, apply the primer. Next, get the spatulas and texture pad ready before you apply the Dermaflage because you only have about 30 seconds before it sets up. Also, don't try to cover large lines all at once, work on one small area at a time. Use the texture pad to smooth it out. I tried it on fine forehead lines and it didn't work. I think it works best on deeper lines, scars and pock marks. You can't really feel it once it is on and it removes easily with eye makeup remover. The one caveat is - you can't wear it with liquid foundation.

Dermaflage costs $50 for the starter pack and refills are $30, which it much cheaper and less risky than plastic surgery. To order and see before and afters, visit

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