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Hick Chick Comedy Bus Tour - Nashville, TN

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Hick Chick Comedy Bus Tour - Nashville, TN


If you get the chance to go, GO! My husband and I loved it. It'll be the best short bus ride you'll ever have. Be warned, by the time the tour is over your jaws will be sore from the permanent laugh you've had plastered on your face for the past 2 hours.

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Considering the name of the tour is 'Hick Chick', or the flowers painted on the side of the bus, you would have thought it would have occurred to me that maybe this tour may be geared more toward women's entertainment (they're certified pros for bachelor-ate parties FYI,) when I invited my husband, but it didn't ha, ha. To me, there wasn't anything about the tour to make it girly besides the fact that other than our awesome bus driver Lance, my husband Danny, was the only male on the bus, which made him easy prey to Christine. Who's Christine you ask?

She would be our AMAZING tour guide. She's hilarious! Her wit was my favorite part of the bus tour. If you're a sissy and get your feelings hurt easy, this isn't a good tour for you. Skip it. However, if your ready to laugh until you pee yourself, come aboard, you've come to the right place!

Christine's quick wit makes anyone in her path a potential target, including all of the innocent passer by 'rs. You do not have to be on that bus to become a member of Christine's show. She makes her own rules, and anybody, and everybody, is fair game. Again, you have been warned :)

Today, she was letting one of 'Metro's Finest' know that she would like her handcuffs back. She asked a college aged kid, who let him out of the house with his man capris on? And, she jumped off the bus and walks over to the car beside us, armed with a flyswatter, asking the mother driving, if her boys in the back seat needed a 'whoopin?!'

Turns out they did, but Christine was too busy telling us some very interesting information on Nashville's History, showing us where some of the Stars live, work on their recordings, as well as bars and restaurants they like to mingle at here in Music City.

We took a couple of pit stops, one to a brewery, and at the second, a bar with live music. Hick Chick was kind enough to give us a coupon for a drink. They serve a 'blueberry moonshine margarita' that was hands down the best mixed drink I've ever had.

If you have the opportunity to go on a Hick Chick Tour, I would highly recommend it. Unless you're a prude, you'll love it.

They have several different tours to choose from. I definitely look forward to going back and seeing what the other one's are all about as well.

If you want to book your own Hick Chick Tour, or need more information about the tours:

You can click on this link which will take you straight to their website, or call 615/838-7105.


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