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Jimmy Fallon's Taking Over "The Tonight Show"

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Jimmy Fallon's Taking Over "The Tonight Show"


Jimmy Fallon takes over The Tonight Show on Feb. 17...oops, but Jay Leno isn't going away!"The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" ends on Feb. 6, the host is still keeping us guessing where he might perform next. During a press conference at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.
This pass Sunday during a press conference at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. Jimmy Fallon disclosed that he will welcome Will Smith and U2 as his first guests when he takes over The Tonight Show.

But unlike Leno back in '92 when he was picking up the burning torch where Johnny Carson dropped it. Jay could have reinvented The Tonight Show by making it not only a smaller but hipper show. like SNL. Attracting the kind of demographic that sponsors would be happy to have on tap. Instead with Jay, it got stale.

NBC was even rethinking its decision of picking Jay over David Letterman and his Stupid Top Ten Pet Tricks, which caused Jay to go shock wave jacking up his totally unfunny weirdness and dropping what was left of his brains down the toilet. Spending most of his 21 years on"The Tonight Show"as Jay Leno TV's most-watched late-night star. "

Except for David Letterman fans who say, 'Oh, Jay sucks, he's not No. 1.' Meanwhile New host Jimmy Fallon confessed, “I don’t want to let anyone down. I want this job for the long haul, I know how important the show is.Lets face it, I just want to make everyone laugh.”It's like what he’s being doing on Late Night these past five years, Jimmy's taking Jay Leno’s advice and making his opening monologue longer and more topical. But Jimmy's a more physical comic who breaks out into song at a moments notice .Lets face it, nobody wants to see a constrained Fallon, who's afraid to prank his fans by blowing a air horn at a 90 year old grandpa, or wrestle a live bear.

Luckily Jimmy does have job security, Jay Leno promised he’s ready to hand over the reins to “The Tonight Show” for good. Of course the show has moved to NYC, which will keep Jay away. Luckily if Jimmy stay's as long as Leno or Johnny Carson, Jimmy can play it by ear and keep my head down and see how far that gets him.

Hopefully things will be better than 2009 during that contentious and much-publicized seven-month stint by “The Tonight Show”with Conan O'Brien, funny when Jay took the show back nobody figured a shuddering tool like Jimmy Fallon was then, would ever have that problem.

It's funny what 5 years can do,Jimmy has really proven himself, especially with past guests like the President of the United States on his current show.Lets face it you can’t get bigger than that.

Jimmy Fallon isn’t concerned about the inevitable guest booking wars between The Tonight Show and David Letterman’s Late Show.NBC is owned by Comcast,which is a much more valuable career tool among most up and coming actors and artist, being their strong association with prime cable networks.

Besides once the dust is settled on the Leno thing, Jimmy will “bring"The Tonight Show" to Los Angeles a couple times out of the year.

And it all starts when Jimmy Fallon takes over The Tonight Show on NBC, Monday,Feb. 17,2014.


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