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Hey Alice, We're Home

Ann B.Davis Death


Who didn't love Alice? After all, she was the "Brady Bunch" fans all time TV favorite! And so was 88-year-old actress Ann B. Davis, who died over the weekend. She was a giant as TV actress, Alice, the Brady family housekeeper on "The Brady Bunch," that jelled her name and face in the hearts of loyal TV viewers around the world, as she did after receiving 2 Emmys in 1959 for "Love That Bob"

Bradys Alice sadly passes
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As Alice picked up the slack of fans still feeling the loss of Mayberys, Aunt Bee,who's iconic character faded away, the second Andy put a white rose on her grave. Both women embodied the characteristics of most special family motherly care givers that we all want to have in our lives.

While Aunt Bee took care of Andy and his son Opie. Alice, took care of the "Brady Bunch" family. With quirks that make them two of the timeless fictional characters in American television.

And lets face it, for a husky 7 year old latch key kid, who had to wait till 8pm until my mom brought home greasy, cold, fast food that tasted like the paper bag it came in. It was attractive that on TV, Alice and Aunt Bee both loved to cook, which I mentioned once to my mom, who was can opening some Franco American Ravioli. Only to have it flung at my head, can opener and all, and screamed, now let Alice jump out of the f#@! TV and make you something, you ungratefull #@!%!...I wish you were never born!

While some of us had moms who were among the first American women to boldly attempt the juggling act of earning a paycheck and running a household. Some of us had divorced parents, or soon would. Some of us knew it was our job to fend for ourselves for a couple hours between 3:30 and 5:30 each day.

Hearing about the death on Sunday of 88-year-old actress Ann B. Davis, who is remembered best for playing the fictional Brady family’s live-in housekeeper, Alice Nelson, I immediately and wistfully thought of what it felt like, in grade and middle school, to come home every afternoon to an empty house. Just because none of us had a live-in housekeeper like the Bradys.

Through all five Brady seasons, Alice's, Ann B.Davis, protrayed realistic if not total unwavering devotion to the Brady family, through countless family vacations and basketball games, and alway's so down to earth. They truly seem like a real family! It made all of us almost want to be right there with them. Especially all the love at the table when A cooks one of her wonderful meals.

Imagine all the love in a home with women who can cook like Alice and Aunt Bee. Both ladies always serving up delicious meals to their TV families, on their shows as they enjoyed feasting. On meatloaf, fried chicken, cornbread biscuits, pork chops, and butterscotch pecan pie as well as apple pie ala mode.There were truly stand-out moments with Alice, we did notice Alice always look forward to Sam the Butcher delivering the meat at her back door. After all...Alice could never get enough loving from Sam.

Hearing about the death on Sunday of 88-year-old actress Ann B. Davis, who is remembered best for playing the fictional Brady family’s live-in housekeeper,Alice Nelson, I immediately and wistfully thought as I turned on the TV just as the theme song began.

Da da dum dum dum...“Here’s the story…” and Alice was there, in the center of that joyful, blended-family “Brady Bunch” grid. The scene would fade up, and Alice was in the kitchen getting diner ready. She offered cookies and milk and sound advice, and she treated those hurt feelings and bloody noses .

When she made us laugh, we loved her even more because she told us something we already knew, that you didn’t have to be from the same parents to be family.

And you didn’t have to be related to relate. To actress, Ann B. Davis...RIP!

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