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Hexen II review

Pick your class.  Each plays different, so choose who you like best.
Pick your class. Each plays different, so choose who you like best.
Ken Kriho

Hexen II


Hexen II is an action/RPG first person shooter developed by Raven Software and published by id Software. The game was released on August 31st, 1997. The story is that the world called Thyrion is enslaved by the Serpent Riders. The oldest of the three Serpent Riders, Eidolon, has control of Thyrion and needs to be defeated in order to free Thyrion.

Hexen II title/main menu
Ken Kriho

Graphics-The graphics, at first glance, is going to remind the player of Quake. Considering that both games came from id, this shouldn’t be a surprise. The models themselves don’t look as impressive as the previous game. Scenery, however, looks okay at best.

Sound-The sound of the outdoors is a nice touch, but feels rather uninspired. The other sounds are just your typical grunts, groans, and ambient sounds.

Gameplay-The gameplay is somewhat improved from the first game. There are now four character classes instead of three heroes to choose from, and each plays differently. When you kill enemies, you gain experience to level up. The concept of going from point to point is still there, which makes for a lot of backtracking. One important feature that was missing in this game that was present in Hexen was the map. This was very helpful, but not having a map in this game really doesn’t do this game any justice.

Changes-The changes in this game has its ups and downs. The ups being you get to pick your class and you level up as you progress. The downs being that there is no map to help you out and you’re basically playing the same game as before, but with changes.

Overall-If you want a good first person shooter/RPG hybrid; stick with the Elder Scroll series. This game took too many chances which didn’t pay off.

Score: 2/5

You can get Hexen II from Steam

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