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Here's an option to enjoy "Le Week-end"

Lindsay Duncan and Jim Broadbent try to re-create honeymoon in "Le Week-end"
Lindsay Duncan and Jim Broadbent try to re-create honeymoon in "Le Week-end"
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A quiet British movie has snuck into town, bringing with it a travelogue of beauty mixed with reality, set to the backdrop of Paris.

“Le Week-end” is about an English couple who decides to return to Paris for the first time since their honeymoon. Perhaps memories served them better, but the Paris they go to originally is not the beautiful city of lights they recall. Determined to make it a magical trip – at any cost – Lindsay Duncan’s character tries to bring her by-the-book boorish husband Jim Broadbent out of his comfort zone and to let loose and find beauty – not just in the most romantic city in the world.

The movie will most appeal to fans of that “Before Sunrise” series from director Richard Linklater as it is of similar ilk and can actually be considered perhaps the fourth installment in that series – 20 years later.

Oscar winner Broadbent is in fine form as a man who fights against change but starts to learn to go along. Duncan is equally charming as his more adventurous wife and actually is pretty much a fresh face to American audiences with most of her best work being done on the other side of the pond.

Director Roger Michell keeps the movie tight and pulls back layers as the film progresses and writer Hanif Kureishi has proven to be a master of character studies – also evident in some of his other films including “Venus” and his Oscar nominated “My Beautiful Launderette.”

“Le Week-end” may be around for little more than a weekend as its only playing at six theatres in the Bay Area. It can stick around with your support. Seek it out in your area, but is definitely at a few Landmark Theatres –