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Her online profile is his guide for dating in A Case of You

A Case of You


There are always movies coming out that feature a great cast, but for some reason never get the release you may expect. The latest A Case of You, features Justin Long, Evan Rachel Wood, Peter Dinklage, Sam Rockwell, Brendan Fraser, Busy Phillips, Sienna Miller, Vince Vaughn, and Peter Billingsley but does it have something worth checking out or is it pretty clear why it went straight to video?

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A Case of You follows a young writer who tries to impress a girl by using her online profile to embellish himself to impress her, but finds himself in a real mess when she falls for him and he has to keep up the act. For the most part this film plays like a pretty generic love story filled with clichéd elements, but thanks to the always awkwardly great Long it still manages to work on some level. While this is a story focusing on the characters of Justin Long and Evan Rachel Wood, it’s the surrounding actors that really make it step out a bit. Most of them have very small appearances, but manage to be the most standout characters of the entire film. Of them all the always awesome Peter Dinklage is easily the biggest scene stealer. His few moments on screen are pretty funny stuff and much make the film worth checking out. They clearly tried to do some new stuff with this story, but sadly it never really finds its way out of that rut of being a been there done that kind of idea.

This isn’t a bad film, its actually quite entertaining, but it just doesn’t sport too much originality. It’s not to stay they ripped anything off because there was clearly an attempt at trying to do go some different directions with this genre with some of it working and others not. This comes down to being one of those films that will surely be met with mixed feelings based on the story and cast, but if you like this genre or any of the cast, which most people surely do, then give this film a shot when it hits stores on February 4th.