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'Her (2013)' Movie Review: Don't waste time

'Her (2013)' 'Her (2013)' Movie Review: Don't waste time
'Her (2013)' 'Her (2013)' Movie Review: Don't waste time
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Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix) is in the middle of a divorce from his soon to be ex wife Catherine (Rooney Mara). He doesn't want the divorce but she does. You see Theodore is a very introverted and extremely lonely person. Now this guy is so bad he goes out and buys a talking operating artificial intelligence system rather than interact with people. What's even funnier about this guy is that he writes personal letters for people who can't, and he's good at it. He is a true contradiction of terms.

Theodore gives his O.S. with a female personality and names it Samantha (Scarlett Johansson). Now this system is so good that Theodore starts to form a bond or relationship with it. It really starts to get weird. He interacts with it so much that it tells him to go and date.

His friend Amy (Amy Adams), yes human, has been trying to set him up on a date. Nice girl too but what does he do when they are about to have sex and when she wants commitment, he freezes and she walks. He does not want human interaction.

Theodore tells Samantha about the date and things continue to become more and more intimate with her. Now this gets a little strange when Amy says that she and her husband have split up and it's Samantha who starts to ask questions about Amy to Theodore. You see Samantha is happy about not having a human body but would love human intimacy. She suggests a surrogate so they can have that feeling of passion.

They have jealousies and they have contradictions but in the end they really don't have what it takes to fulfill a relationship between man and machine.

This is one of the weirdest movies to watch on the story line alone as it really can hit a nerve about our current times.

Director Spike Jonze brings an interesting and semi entertaining story to the big screen. It's just are we really ready for this kind of interaction with a machine. Truthfully are we ready for this kind of non-sensible entertainment. Watch it and then ask what did I just lose out of my life.