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'Help (1965)' Movie Review: Love the music

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'Help (1965)'


Ringo Starr has received a ring from a fan. That's right the same Ringo Starr of the rock group The Beatles. He likes the ring but he doesn't know the problems that are about to come his way because of it. There is a Eastern Cult led by Clang (Leo Mckern) who either want to get the ring back or will sacrifice the person wearing it. Problem is this group couldn't catch a fly even if the fly was already dead.

Now there is a women in this cult who has a thing for Paul. Yes, Paul McCartney ,and she will do anything to stop the cult from getting Ringo or the ring. Her name is Ahme (Eleanor Bron) and she is a strange one at that.

While the group is trying to get away from this cult they also contact Professor Foot to help them with their dilemma. Now the Beatles try to get Professor Foot to help them and get around this cult. Problem is Professor Foot wants the ring because he thinks he can rule the world if he owns it.

Now they have the cult and a professor that are after them. The funny thing is it seems like John Lennon and George Harrison are just along for the ride. Unfortunately if that was only true, the two band members are just as much a part of this as Paul and Ringo.

The Beatles look to Scotland yard for help and are given an inspector (Patrick Cargill). Only thing is that with all this help and all the problems that arise Ringo is still captured by the cult.Will they get him out of the control of the cult, well you need to finish watching the move.

This film is a no brainer. The plot is shaky at best but the music is first rate. Director Richard Lester merely plugs in the music where it is needed. The plot is something a blind man could see. It is a film that I must say you will enjoy as you don't have to think too much. It is a film that for some will be a trip down memory lane. The music is pure Beatles and the fun is seen as the Fab Four travel through one problem after another. 'HELP'!