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'Heathers' is a classic dark comedy



The teenage years can be toxic ones. Recently, there was a musical based on the classic black comedy "Heathers," one of the most clever indictments of the pain teenagers can experience and inflict. The movie came out in 1989 and has gained a cult following.

"Heathers" stars Winona Ryder. She plays Veronica, an attractive high school student who is invited into the circle of the three most popular girls in school, all of whom have the first name Heather. They have nothing but disdain for the rest of their classmates. Veronica eventually comes to hate them but cannot quite extricate herself from their sphere of influence. She meets J.D. (played by Christian Slater), a rebellious new kid, and they hit it off. One morning, J.D. gives one of the Heathers a drink that kills her. Veronica is initially shocked, but they make a note to make the death look like a suicide. As she gets to know J.D., she finds that he is homicidal and tries to break free of him.

"Heathers" is a very funny movie. The jokes are, of course, very dark. But they work because the film has great characters.

Winona Ryder is perfect in the lead role. She makes Veronica a likeable person with a tendency to get involved with the wrong people. Christian Slater is also strong as J.D. He does a good job showing how disturbed his character is.

"Heathers" is a great choice for fans of dark humor. It is also a good choice to watch before seeing the musical.