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'Heat' is a masterpiece



Recently, this column reviewed several action films from the 1990s that are set in Southern California. In the mood for more? One of the best movies set in Los Angeles is "Heat," which was released in 1995.

In "Heat," Al Pacino plays Vincent Hanna, a middle-aged detective who has been divorced several times. He is so dedicated to his job that his personal life suffers, and his current marriage is deteriorating. After an armored truck robbery that results in the deaths of a few cops, Vincent is on the trail of Neil McCauley (played by Robert De Niro), a professional criminal. Neil is very competent and is in a relationship with Eady (played by Amy Brenneman), who thinks he is a salesman. Both Vincent and Neil are very good at what they do, which makes things hard for both of them. They both are dependent on teams, one law enforcement and the other criminal, whose professional and personal lives are bold and difficult.

"Heat" is directed by Michael Mann, who is known for making films set in Los Angeles, such as "Collateral." He creates some great action scenes. The movie features one of the best shootout scenes of any film. It occurs just after a bank robbery.

The cast of this movie is amazing. It gained a lot of attention for being the first film where Al Pacino worked with Robert De Niro. Both actors are in top form. In one of the best scenes, they have coffee at a restaurant. As they are talking, they find that, despite being on opposite sides of the law, they have a lot in common. Another great performance is by Val Kilmer, who plays Chris, a criminal who works with Neil. He suffers from an addiction to gambling. Ashley Judd is also impressive. She play's Chris's wife, who is often angry at him.

"Heat" is Michael Mann's best film.