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'Heartbreak Ridge (1986)' Movie Review: Semper fi

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'Heartbreak Ridge (1986)'


Gunnery Sergeant Tom Highway (Clint Eastwood) is once again drunk and in jail. He is released and goes back to his base. He now has a run in with an officer and is transferred to Camp Lejeune. Now on the bus ride there he runs into a man by the name of Stitch Jones (Mario Van Peebles). Now Jones lifts Highway's bus ticket and leaves him at an out of the way diner.

Highway arrives and reports to his new Commanding Officer but sees and old friend first. Now Sergeant Major Choozoo (Arlen Dean Snyder) and Highway go way back. They are shooting the fat when Major Powers (Everett McGill) orders to enter and report. Powers doesn't like Highway from the first time they meet. Highway is old corp and Powers got his rank in College mostly.

Highway meets his new mission a bunch of deadheads that need to be broke in. It's called recon platoon and they need help. Funny thing is Highway knows one of them. Stitch Jones is in recon platoon and Highway goes after him to get his money back for the bus fare. Highway ends up pulling the earring out of Jone's ear. Once Highway is gone the platoon plans to retaliate. Highway goes to an old friend to rent a room.

Little Mary (Eileen Heckart) runs a bar and in the back has a room she rents out to people she knows. First thing they talk about is Aggie (Marsha Mason) Highways ex-wife and the women he is still in love with.

Highway has his hands full with his men, Lt. Ring (Boyd Gaines), Sgt. Webster (Moses Gunn), Powers, and Aggie. Between them all he has to make sure his men are ready for anything because they are recon.

This is a great movie and you will enjoy all that goes on. It is one of those movies that when you leave, you feel good.

Director Clint Eastwood brings a comedy, drama, and action film all in one. He does an excellent job with his wonderful cast and shows us that he not only one fine actor but he can direct also. So sit back and enjoy one his best, hooraah.