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Healthy travel: Squeez'Ems reusable food pouches take healthy snacks to go

Take your healthy snacks on the go with BogginHeads Squeez'Ems reusable food pouches.
Take your healthy snacks on the go with BogginHeads Squeez'Ems reusable food pouches.
Courtesy: Hollywood Connections PR

Booginhead Squeez'ems Reusable Food Pouches - Zip Pouch


A new trend in convenience food is pouches that contain applesauce or other puree’s for little ones to eat on the go. As an earth friendly alternative Squeez’Ems are refillable and reusable. In addition to saving packaging waste, parents can control what is in the pouches for baby to eat.

Making snacks healthy on the go
Courtesy: Hollywood Connections PR

While traveling, sometimes it’s difficult to make sure your kids are eating properly. There’s a tendency to eat out and stop at convenience stores for snacks. In trying to combat junk food I try to keep healthy snacks with us when we travel. Food pouches and drink boxes are a nice portable way to take healthy snacks on the go but can cost an arm and a leg for the convenience. I was recently introduced to Boogin’ Head's Squeez’Ems reusable food pouches, which became a lifesaver on a recent vacation.

I had received a duo-package of Boogin’Head Squeez’Ems zip pouches the day we were leaving for vacation to Mackinac Island. I threw them into our bags thinking maybe I would use them while we were on the go. In preparing for our day on the island, I put together a bag of essentials, which included snacks and drinks. My daughter had her first Squeez’Ems on the boat ride to the island, which kept her busy for at least a little of the time. The pouch held enough applesauce that she still had some left for a mini-snack later in the afternoon. The next day I reloaded the pouches for the next adventure.

In addition to vacation time, I had brought a set on my son’s field trip where the were to have sack lunch where everything was to be disposable. Since I was on the trip I just placed the emptied pouches in my pocket and we continued on with the day. He was able to get a serving of fruit, without making a mess.

Style and Design
BooginHead Squeez’Ems come in a zip pouch or a screw top lid pouch. The screw-top pouches come in a classic green with the lid attached to the package. The zip pouches come in a bright orange or a blue chevron style that make it fashionable to tote your snacks. Of course each of the pouches is BPA, PVC and philathilate free for the health and safety. The pouches have a wide opening in the top that is large enough for a regular spoon to fit into either fill or scoop out of. The pouch widens at the base to stand while filling, though I had difficulties getting it to open all the way to completely fill the pouch. Once you fill the pouch it zips closed and stays closed with no issues.

For the zip pouches, there is a a straw-like spout to “drink” the food out of. My little ones absolutely loved drinking their applesauce from the pouches. In order to prevent a choking hazard, the lids have wide holes in them. My biggest fear is the kids will wander around with them and lose the caps.

Cleaning and Care
After we were done with our Squeez’Ems they were very easy to take clean. I ran water through the pouches in between vacation uses and they came out clean. Once we came home, I ran hot soapy water through them and they were good as new.

My kids had previously used disposable food pouches and loved them. One of the next ways I want to use my Squeez’Ems is to freeze the product inside then it can also be used as an ice pack for lunches. Overall I love the Squeez”Ems reusable pouches since they will save me money in the long run. The pouches run about $6-7 for a package of two. Since receiving them I have used my pouches at multiple times with foods or juices I already had in my fridge.

**Disclaimer: I received the Boogin Head Squeez’Ems reusable food pouches for free in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions written are mine and honest.**