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Healthy Super Bowl Food: Twin Peaks Sourdough BLT w/ Tomato Soup

A great new soup and sandwich combination
A great new soup and sandwich combination
Matthew Asher

Twin Peaks Super Bowl menu


It’s not unusual to go to any local restaurant and find sandwiches on the menu. However it seems like only sandwich specialty shops have any of them that are tasty. But Twin Peaks in Buckhead seems to have solved the problem of having a great tasting sandwich, that is also healthy and a perfect food for watching the Super Bowl.

While last year they had a unique approach to showcasing the big game, this year they're doing things a little different. Twin Peaks is still taking reservations, but with more than half the spots already taken, it would be wise to get your reservation in early so you're not left out.

Sourdough BLT w/ Tomato Soup

The Sandwich

I know what you’re thinking that a BLT can’t be healthy. We’ll you’re wrong because sandwiches are so much more than just the featured item, the bacon. The tomatoes and lettuce used in the BLT is fresh and tastes really good. There’s a good amount of bacon in the sandwich, but not cheap bacon that’s mostly made of fat. This bacon is the higher-grade kind.

What truly sets this sandwich apart from others is the sourdough bread which is also covered in an in-house pesto mayonnaise. Neither ingredient is overpowering and when mixed with the crunch of the sourdough bread, it makes it that much better.

The Soup

But there’s more to this meal than just the sandwich. A cup of creamy tomato soup accompanies the BLT. The word creamy is a little deceptive this time. Rather than using tomato juice and cream or milk, as most tomato soups are made, the base of this soup is made with their in-house marinara sauce and it’s just really tasty.

It’s hard to describe the soup, but the easiest way is to say this is the kind of grownup tomato soup you would love to pair with a three-cheese grilled panini. Hopefully Twin Peaks will take that suggestion seriously.

For Super Bowl reservations, call (404) 961-8946 and of course, enjoy the game!