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Healthy Super Bowl Food: Twin Peaks Pulled Pork BBQ Sliders edition

A new appetizer available at Twin Peaks
A new appetizer available at Twin Peaks
Matthew Asher

Twin Peaks Super Bowl menu


As mentioned earlier, when going out to eat appetizers can make or break any kind of diet. Start off with something healthy and you’ll likely continue that trend. However, if you start off with the heart attack special, the rest of the night will probably follow suit. Fortunately, Twin Peaks in Buckhead has you covered with a few new options.

While last year they had a unique approach to showcasing the big game, this year they're doing things a little different. Twin Peaks is still taking reservations, but with the majority of the spots already taken, it would be wise to get your reservation in early so you're not left out.

Pulled Pork Sliders

Continuing our tour of new Twin Peaks food is the pulled-pork sliders. As with everything at Twin Peaks, all the ingredients are made in-house, so you know it’s good quality.

Expect traditional pulled-pork and a sweet bbq sauce. In addition to the meat, a zesty vinegar-based coleslaw tops the meat and is sandwiched between their daily baked mini burger buns. The tanginess and slight bitterness of the coleslaw, along with it’s great crunch, really compliment the sweetness and chewiness of the pulled pork.

The picture you are looking at is one serving of three mini sliders. This is currently only offered as an appetizer, but it might be worth seeing how this would be as a regular sandwich. My guess is it would be just as good, just that there’s more of it to enjoy.

For Super Bowl reservations, call (404) 961-8946 and of course, enjoy the game!