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Healthy Super Bowl Food: Twin Peaks handmade pretzels edition

Two delicious pretzels with spicy honey mustard and beer cheese dipping sauces
Matthew Asher

Twin Peaks Super Bowl menu


Appetizers can make or break any kind of diet. If you stick to your plan, it's much easier to continue eating right. On the flip side, get a triple order of deep-fried pizza bagels and odds are you won't be getting a salad for your next course. Fortunately, Twin Peaks in Buckhead has you covered with a few new options.

While last year they had a unique approach to showcasing the big game, this year they're doing things a little different. Twin Peaks is still taking reservations, but with more than half the spots already taken, it would be wise to get your reservation in early so you're not left out.

Handmade Pretzels

Like everything at Twin Peaks, the pretzels are made in-house, only when you order them. One order comes with two huge pretzels and two different types of dipping sauce. For those who love the traditional spicy mustard on a hot pretzel, Twin Peaks has a nice twist to that classic sauce.

Rather than spicy brown mustard, one of the sauces is a poblano honey mustard. It's great because you get a nice sweet taste at first bite but a nice controlled spicy burn afterwards. None of the flavors are overpowering and they compliment each other very well.

The other dipping sauce is a beer and cheese sauce. Using their house brunette ale, a dark bock beer, the sauce is mixed with American and Pepperjack cheeses. Just like the honey mustard, it's a good balance of flavors. Neither the cheeses nor the beer have an overpowering taste, they just go well together.

For Super Bowl reservations, call (404) 961-8946 and of course, enjoy the game!

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