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Healthier, refreshing alternative to diet drinks with Caffeinated Club

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Caffeinated Club


Make no mistake about it - around 3 p.m. every weekday, I need either a nap or boost to power through the rest of the day. When a short snooze isn't possible (which is 99% of the time), I usually opt for a nuclear-strength coffee which does the trick but can leave my teeth grinding and my tongue coated. My new alternative is Caffeinated Club, a recently launched line of flavored club soda waters with caffeine and no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. It's a healthier alternative for diet soda and energy beverage drinkers and much more refreshing for java junkies.

Each 12-ounce serving of filtered, carbonated water, is currently offered in four flavors: Lemon, Raspberry, Orange-Grapefruit, and Clear, which is unflavored. Each bottle contains no sugar, no calories and no artificial sweeteners or colors. Caffeinated Club is also low in sodium, free from gluten and castoreum, and Caffeinated Club is kosher certified and vegan friendly. Caffeinated Club is growing rapidly in Illinois with the recent distribution agreement with Southern Wine & Spirits of Illinois, Amazon and Peapod home delivery.

In addition to a great afternoon drink alternative, the club sodas are perfect as mixers for spirits - low calorie with a hint of fruit essence. Caffeinated Club offers a crisp, clean, clear, lightly flavored taste with caffeine content that's the equivalent to a can of cola, about 34 milligrams per serving. When you want a caffeine boost without any sugar, calories or artificial sweeteners, it's a winner.

Go here to request that your favorite grocer stock the sodas or call 800-975-3047 to order it.