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Healing Hearts hold on

The cover of Healing Hearts

Healing Hearts by Beth Wiseman


Healing Hearts is a collection of three Amish novellas by Beth Wiseman. In “A Chance to Forgive” Lydia has only loved two men in her life: Daniel the man she was engaged to and his brother Elam who she married. Daniel left her on Christmas Eve years ago with a note saying he wanted to live in the Englisch world. After Elam dies Daniel returns home wanting to return to the Amish world, but is Lydia ready to open her heart again?

In “A Change of Heart” Leah is a writer in a community, and especially her father, that discourages such useless endeavors. She spends so much time writing that she lacks most of the skills needed to be a proper Amish wife. When Aaron shows an interest in her Leah’s parents are thrilled, but she sees him only as an opportunity to get away from her parents. Will he be able to change her heart?

In “Healing Hearts” Empty-nesters Levina and Naaman have grown a part since they began having children. When Naaman returns home after almost a year away, they begin rebuilding their relationship. But when a sheriff comes to town looking for him gossip starts spinning about Naaman could have done. Will it ruin their relationship?

I really enjoyed this book. Each one of the stories is interesting and sweet. I think “Change” is my favorite because as writer I could really relate to Leah and her situation. Each of the novellas focuses on something from the “Englsch” world that is not often addressed in Amish fiction. This gave me a new perspective on the Amish and each type of situation in general.

God can heal us is a major theme in this book. In each story there are characters who have been hurt and God is the only one who can truly heal them.

On the whole this is an interesting book. I give it four out of five stars.

If there is a book you would like me to review please write it in the Comments.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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