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Head Same Remains The Change vol.VI

Head Same Remains The Change vol VI cover
Dave Cornblum, Headchange Records

Head Same Remains The Change Vol. VI from Headchange Records


The minute you start the disc you're transplanted back to the early days of the sound where the sewer meets the sea. Perro Bravo starts the latest installment from Headchange Records and does not disappoint. "Livin In Time" is a great song and takes the listener out on the first wave of thrills that this disc offers. Those that are fortunate enough to have heard samples from Headchange Records know right off what Headchanger (Professor G Style) is laying down for the listener. Full of funky grooves that impact your soul and a rock groove that is designed to get you up and moving. Long Beach's infamous Shave kicks in with the 3rd track and there un-mistakenable blend of Rock hits you right in your stomach. "Crack Me Open" is yet another reason why so many locals have given Shave the cult following they deserve. They blend sounds that many on the mainstream wish they could achieve. After Shave slows down the groove to give you that smooth dub sound that made Long Beach famous. The band blends well and will make anyone who loves that smooth beach sound smile with joy. The vocals are well done and compliment each other very well. Forty Rod keeps that funky beach groove going. "Feels Just Like I Remember" is an amazing track. The vocals are blues at their best. "My Fate" from Thy Squid is equally masterful. The band has came along way and is positioned to be a force for years to come. Their style is unmatched on the local scene. The song takes you on a joyful ride. Perro Bravo comes back for track 7 with "Make A Change" and prove why they are destined to be the next big thing in the LB. The band has everything you could ever wish for from a band. Great musicians, great vocals and an amazing sound that they have mastered. It just doesn't get much better than the lads in Perro Bravo. The live "All Hi Hat Action" from Shave is quite simply an ode to one of the best bands to ever come out of LB. The Headchanger (Elder DMix) of the "Can't Smack The Truth" track is just another reason why Elder D is so respected in the local community. The track gives you everything you'd expect from Elder and more. You will find yourself not only singing along but swaying along with every note. "Blue Number" the 2nd track from Forty Rod is one of those songs that just sticks with you. The story is amazing and the guitar solo is blues through and through. The final track was given to Thy Squid and the band nailed the closing of the disc. There "Time and Will" is the perfect ending to this blend of the classic sound of Long Beach.

After listening to the disc you will want to add it to your rotation. There really isn't a bad song on the album. The 6 bands featured all capture the dark and smooth grooves that make Long Beach such a unique city and the music scene 1 of the best in Southern California.