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He will fight time itself to save his families future in ‘I’ll Follow You Down’

I'll Follow You Down


Anytime you enter time travel to the equation in a film there is a high chance that it will fall apart pretty quickly, but every so often one manages to hit the mark. The latest, I’ll Follow You Down brings along a decent cast including Gillian Anderson, Haley Joel Osment, Rufus Sewell, and Victor Garber, but is it able to tackle the always troublesome of multiple timelines effectively or will it get lost in the past?

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I’ll Follow You Down follows a young scientist who discovers a formula that could help him discover what happened to his father who disappeared during a business trip when he was a child. With the help of his grandfather it will thrust him into the unknown where he risks losing everything including his life, in hopes to bring his family back together. As mentioned before with any film involving time travel it gets a bit tricky to make it work and here while the film does have some issues they made some smart choices. The story isn’t anything new in this type of genre, but the direction they took to get there was. Instead of making the entire film about the time travel side, they focused more on the obsession to get there and the effect it is having with all those involved. The biggest issue here is that the pacing is off at times. While it was an interesting direction for the story it is bogged down with numerous scenes that just slow everything down. Most of them are necessary for the direction they are going in the story but the pacing was just off. Thankfully the great cast helped keep things moving along with Haley Joel Osment leading the charge and doing a pretty good job of it. While he has been working pretty steadily over the years he hasn’t really had that chance to really shine as an adult actor and this film does just that. They keep the effects side of it to a minimum but still works effectively and keeps it grounded in the real world.

While the actual time travel part of the story is really second to the family and emotional drama that is going on in the film the film takes some interesting twists with the ending that might not be all that shocking, but still works well. This film isn’t for everyone but give it a try and make your own decision and what you think the ending really means for everyone when I’ll Follow You Down hits Blu-ray and DVD on August 5th.