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HBO's Tale: Gatti-Ward showcases one of boxing's best rivalries

Tale: Gatti-Ward


For boxing fans, nothing beats the alluring drama of a great competitive rivalry. Ali versus Frazier, Robinson versus LaMotta, and Duran versus Leonard all shared the same competitive tenacity that was ever present in HBO’s Tale: Gatti-Ward, one of boxing’s best films. The HBO documentary features one of boxing’s best rivalries and pivots on the unlikely friendship between world champions Arturo Gatti and “Irish” Micky Ward.

This documentary is sure to please fans who first encountered Micky Ward’s incredible journey in the Academy Award nominated film The Fighter starring Oscar-winner Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg.

Tale: Gatti-Ward presents a very touching account of Ward and Gatti’s indisputable friendship and their relationship that was forged from a mutual respect of each other’s indomitable will to win.

Even down to their accents, with Gatti touting with a French-Canadian accent and Ward's speech sporting a heavy Massachusetts influence, the two men took pride in fighting the man that best reflected their own mirror image, with each man willing to stand toe to toe until the final bell.

With every outstanding fight, each fighter approached their opponent with integrity, honor and respect. That same respect in the ring carried on outside the ring as Gatti would eventually recruit Ward as his trainer later in his career.

From their initial bout to their renowned rubber match and through Gatti’s tragic death and his induction into the boxing Hall of Fame, Tale: Gatti-Ward is a terrific story for boxing fans and non-sports fans alike.