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‘Hawaii Five-o’ recap: ‘Hoku Welowelo’ falling star

Hawaii Five-0 Hoku Welowelo
Hawaii Five-0 Hoku Welowelo
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Hawaii Five-0 'Hoku Welowelo


This episode begins with a honeymooning couple engaging in a bad activity choice, or at least being at the wrong place at the wrong time, anyway. During their deep sea fishing excursion, they witness a satellite crash into the ocean. Their outing turns fatal as members aboard another charter boat apparently does not like the idea of leaving them alive to tell the story.

Steve is at home suffering a war zone flashback and later visits Lou Grover for some emotional counseling.

At Danny’s house, his mom (Melanie Griffith) is making him a tuna sandwich for lunch. Aww. Actually, it’s more like finger sandwiches since she cuts them into pieces with loving motherly care. Tuna sandwiches it seems is her tell-tale sign that she’s about to do something Danny will not approve of. He is right. Claire Williams is about to go on a police ride along with Grover.

Computer/Intelligence geek Jerry is back. The former ‘Lost’ star, Jorge Garcia, loves the island life doesn’t he? As Jerry is feeding the gang information regarding the crashed spy satellite, a female is sitting inside a car spying on them.

First stop for Claire’s ride along adventure is a trip the Medical Examiner’s Office, which nearly bores her to tears, Grover also, for that matter.

Steve and Jerry pay a visit to a military officer who denies anything about a spy satellite. It does not exist. However, Five-0 soon view footage that says otherwise as it captures Chinese drivers retrieving pieces of said non-existent satellite from the ocean.

The Chinese woman who has been following Jerry surprises him at home with a gun. He surprises her with a stun gun. Guess who goes down? By the time Steve and Danny arrive, Jerry has her duct taped to a chair and it looks as though he might have used a whole roll. The woman, Chin (not to be confused with Five-0 Chin) happens to be Chinese CIA.

Next stop for Claire is a Wii type shooting range where is she hit on by the instructor.

Steve, Danny and the handcuffed Chin find her team dead and a ticking bomb at the house where the bodies were found. The team was killed by Chinese traitor, Quan, who was once engaged to Chin (again, not Five-0 Chin). So naturally the bomb squad shows up along with Grover and Claire. Of course, Danny is on pleased.

Kevin, the shooting instructor, calls Claire and asks her out on a date. Danny is sure to develop heartburn or worse, a heart attack when he hears about this.

Five-0 bust in on Quan and his outfit of traitors. Shots are fired and finally, Chin shows us some Chinese style operative skills. She kicks out the car window, breaks free from her handcuffs using a shard of glass and chop-suey a guy trying to escape.

She chases after Quan. Steve chases after her (and Quan). Quan and Chin shoot each other. She survives. He didn’t. That’ll learn him.

Steve gets a new roommate – Jerry. Claire comes home from her date and finds Danny waiting up for her and surprisingly he is okay. Hope springs eternal.

Hawaii Five-0’ can be seen on Fridays at 9:00 PM on CBS.


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