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Hawaii Five O recap and reviews: Na hala a ka makua

Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Hawaii Five-0 "Na hala a ka makua"



This week’s episode opens with convict Roy Parrish (a/k/a Michael Madsen) escaping the judicial system’s clutches at a rapid and dizzying pace at that. While on the other side of town, Danny “Danno” Williams has been summoned to the principal’s office due to his daughter’s minor infractions.

Soon afterwards, Five-O’s Steve McGarrett and Danny are called to the scene. As they head back to their vehicle with visions of grabbing Parrish and placing him back in to lockup in their heads, the tables are turned and it is they who get got. Yes, that’s right. Parrish pulls the old I’m-hiding-in-your-backseat-with-a-gun trick.

Naturally, the pair is forced to transport Parrish to his choice of destination while wearing police issued bracelets no less. For anyone who is wondering, it is possible to drive with one hand handcuffed to the wheel while the other hand is in cuffs and connected to your partner. Parrish cleverly uses Danny’s daughter, Grace, to avoid getting caught at police checkpoint.

Meanwhile, cop cousins Chin Ho and Kono pay a visit to Parrish’s estranged daughter. The rest of H.P.D. are on the lookout for Parrish who they erroneously think is out for blood-letting revenge. They are wrong. He just wants the lying witness who testified at his trial to recant his story and tell the truth.

The trio’s road trip is almost interrupted by a few chasing blue sirens, but thanks to Steve’s constant lead-footing, they outrun H.P.D. Steve wants to help the poor guy after hearing his life story. However, they reach the home of said witness only to find he is no longer with us. Someone laid the man out with at least one bullet to the head.

Suddenly, the trio is ambushed by a hale of gunfire and just as suddenly rescued by H.P.D. Oops. During all that chaos, Parrish managed to escape yet again, this time to meet with his daughter. Sadly, she thinks she is helping her dad by extending an invite to the FBI only they are not real G-men. Parrish is shot. Fake FBI agents are shot. The whole thing is an O.K. Corral mess.

In the end, Parrish did get what he wanted. Somewhat.

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