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‘Hawaii Five-0’ tv recap: ‘Pale ‘la’ buried secrets

Buried Secrets
Buried Secrets
Spoiler TV

Hawaii Five-0


Air date February 28, 2014

Danny’s “big personality mom” arrives for a visit sans dad. Much to Danny’s dismay, they are getting a divorce. Now that hey are retired empty nesters, dad does not seem to have time for mom. Mom, by the way, is played by actress Melanie Griffith, who looks more like a younger aunt than Danny’s mother. But hey, who wouldn’t appreciate having a youthful looking mom?

There is another buried secret about to be uncovered and we are talking literally here. The homicide case at hand involves a dried up corpse found behind the wall of a house. Definitely not a good selling point. The dead man is eventually identified as Guy Ingram, a real estate agent who was supposed to have moved to Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Danny is struggling with the news of mommy and daddy splitting up. Capt. Grover is battling with demons from his past thanks to Sean Hutton hounding him about his failed SWAT rescue attempt in Chicago and Grace and grandma are enjoying a sunny day by the pool at the Hilton Hotel.

As for the realtor who never leaves (unless his body is found), Five-0 learn that someone is taking guns from the police evidence room and selling them on the streets. Naturally, one of these guns is the reason why Guy Ingram was sent to meet his maker instead of setting up residence in Los Angeles.

Cousin cops: Chin and Kono discover who bought said weapon – a man named Burns whose wife was having an affair with Guy Ingram. You get the rest. Mrs. Burns’ body would also be found behind a wall in the same house. Although she and Guy Ingram had plans to run off together, it’s doubtful this is what they had in mind.

For everyone else, happy days are again or least on the horizon (except for Mr. Burns). Steve gets Sean Hutton off of Grover’s back and from the look of things Danny’s mom will stick around for at least another episode or two. Aloha, Melanie Griffith, aloha.

Catch ‘Hawaii Five-0’ on Fridays at 9:00 PM on CBS.