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‘Hawaii Five-0’ Recap: ‘Pe’ epee Kanaka’ Major in Chem, minor in crime

Pe' epee
Pe' epee

Hawaii Five-0


Aloha from the Lee household where we think we’re being introduced to a family member, who just finished a lap around the pool, smoked a cigar and grilled his meal butactually he’s the pool guy taking advantage of the Lee family’s absence. Pool boy, Nikko, gets a call to take care of another job and let’s just say he won’t be sitting in anyone else’s lap of luxury ever again. Nikko becomes Five-0’s next homicide case.

The interesting thing about the house where Nikko’s body was found is its kitchen. Hanging over the kitchen island are at least a hundred palm tree air fresheners. What odor is this owner trying to mask? A cop on the scene, who has a serious crush on Kono and himself, leads her and Steve to a bag of trash with evidence pointing to the house being used to cook meth. Hence, the need for all those car fresheners. Old Nikko walked in on a crime in progress and paid the ultimate price.

Steve locates the only other person besides Nikko who had a key to the Cameron’s house, Dawn Hatfield, a family friend. Dawn may have forgotten to set the house alarm thus supplying some meth entrepreneur with access to a kitchen to cook his product.

We finally see Danny who is busy with therapy these days after having a small hole carved in his tummy in the last episode. He and Steve exchange their usual pleasantries and it’s he off he goes.

Fingerprints may have been wiped cleaned at the Cameron house, but a chemistry major has been logging onto their computer. Five-0 tracks down said college student, Joseph Sun, but he would rather die than talk and so he does by leaping from the roof of a building. Odd, there is no evidence on Joseph’s personal computer that he’s into cooking meth. However, there is worse evidence indicating Joseph may have been building a bomb instead and Steve has a sick feeling there is an explosive device out there somewhere. We learn that young Joseph had ties to a terrorist cell and even traveled to Yemen recently.

Five-0 connects Joseph to another American student, Brian Miller and Brian is armed and ready for them. There is, of course, a shoot-out. Brian lost, but wait! There is someone else in the house and that person is upstairs shooting back. Why, it’s none other than Dawn Hatfield, the family friend. She’s not wearing that same pleasant surfer girl smile when we last saw her. This time her facial expression is quite rabid. Later, we see her in the interrogation room at Five-0 headquarters. She seems calmer, almost sedated, slightly crazed even.

This chick may have multiple personalities. No matter. Five-0 discovers the trio was planning on attacking the military base, but they still need to know who was backing and influencing the college students. All Dawn offers up is her belief that Allah is her peeps and Steve has the difficult task of getting through to the young woman who has obviously been brainwashed.

Five-0 eventually finds the terrorist recruiters who got to the students. The two men gained access into the country by posing as refugees. One of them, of all things, lives the quiet life of a soccer dad.

Steve shows Dawn a photo of the two captured men. Not surprising, cray-cray girl is not
phased by it but does tell Steve there are many more out there just like her. Steve replies with there are thousands out there just like him so there! Take that!

Steve and Danny visit a therapy facility for wounded veterans who’ve lost their limbs fighting for our country. They are there specifically for marine vet Kurt Emerson to inform him that the two Afghan nationalists who are responsible for his wounds and for the deaths of his buddies have been caught.

Five-0 cap off the evening with an outdoor luau, feasting on the giant fish that Lou caught earlier. Kono invited her crush and made it clear again that they are only friends. This is not a date. The desperately-seeking-Susan- or-anybody for a date said he understood but still wants to meet a woman who looks like Kono.

Tune in to ‘Hawaii Five-0’ on Fridays at 9:00 PM on Fridays on CBS.

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