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‘Hawaii Five-0’ Recap: ‘Makani Olu a Holo Malie’ debt payment

debt payment
debt payment

Hawaii Five-0


Five-0 and guests are enjoying the night playing cards. One of their guests is Dog the Bounty Hunter. So this is how he spends his nights these days. During the game, Catherine receives a phone call from an old friend in Afghanistan named Amir. He needs her help. His 14-year-old son Najimb has been taken by the Taliban to either willingly join them or be forcibly used by them as a suicide bomber. She has no choice but to help Amir. The man saved her life not once, but twice before. So naturally, Steve will be accompanying Catherine on her journey.

Back home on the Big Island, Danny and the rest of the team are chasing down someone they believe to be an organ trafficker. Steve and Catherine are traipsing around Taliban country on horseback and miraculously run across an injured Amir who's slumped against a tree. He’s alive but barely.

Five-0 find out that the stolen liver was not taken to give to someone else but to make sure the intended recipient never receive it. The patient happens to be an opposing counsel to a firm with big bucks they have no intention of losing. They figure if the attorney dies that will be the end of their lawsuit. The things people will do to keep their battles outside the courtroom.

Out in the danger fields, Steve and Catherine fool a truck filled with kidnapped boys to stop. Unfortunately, Najimb is not one of them. Catherine helps the boys out from back of the truck, but one of them has to stumble and fall thus allowing an insurgent inside the truck to witness the escape attempt in his side view mirror. Gunfire is exchanged. Steve is injured and taken for a ride where he is thrown in the typical dungeon-like space and punched in the face so much until he’s starting to look like Rocky Balboa. Seriously. Wonderful eye makeup job, guys. With the stolen liver retrieved just in time to save the patient, Danny is on his way to Afghanistan. Catherine called to make him aware of Steve being in dire straits. One of the perks of their job is they get to go anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat.

But just when you think Steve is a goner (no, not really), the U.S. military steps in and rescues him. However, they are not pleased with his being there and demands to know where Steve got his intel about a known terrorist thought to be dead. Steve plays dumb and is ordered back to the U.S. and never to return. He has to leave Catherine behind.

Not to worry, she calls as soon as he gets home. They give each other an impassioned speech about their love for one another and her need to stay and find Najimb. It’s very foreboding. Perhaps that’s because this marked actress Michelle Borth’s (Catherine) final episode.

Catch the wave. ‘Hawaii Five-0’ comes on CBS on Fridays at 9:00 PM.